Thursday, December 29, 2011

Denim on Top

For a change today, I wore denim on top verses the usual bottom-wear. I wore it under a puff sleeve sweater and of course with my colored denim and my  military/combat boots. For my jewelry, I wore my gun metal necklace and bracelet. I love gun metal because it gives off that edgy look. Happy New Year, I hope everyone enjoys their new year! Anyone have new resolutions for 2012? Of course, I hope everyone is going all out with their outfits tonight!

  • Nordstrom:denim top
  • H&M: black sweater
  • F21: Maroon Pants
  • Metro Park (closed down) necklace
  • F21: bracelet
  • Madden Girl: combat boots

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Impressions

I wore it on the first night  of a convention I just recently attended. It was so fun meeting new people from pretty much everywhere. The majority that I met were from Canada, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. The first night was extremely casual because everyone was getting settled after tiring and hectic travels. I decided to go for a basic t-shirt and jeans look, but of course, I had to spice it up a little. The wide leg jeans are so incredibly comfortable (even more than skinny jeans), and should almost always be worn with heels to elongate your legs. With my brightly rouged lips and statement necklace, I was ready to mingle and meet new people.  

  • F21 t-shirt
  • Guess jeans
  • Betsey Johnson watch
  • Michael Kors heels

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Corduroy & Cut-Outs

Today my mom and I are running errands for our New Years party! I've had these corduroy shorts in the back of my closet for months now, and I finally pulled them out. In the fall/winter seasons, I love to wear shorts with tights; its a quick way to make an outfit look stylish. I topped this outfit with a bold red lipstick. I've been addicted to wearing lipstick lately (mwah)! Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and isready for the new year!


  • F21 gray shirt
  • F21 corduroy shorts
  • Madden Girl black combats
  • WHBM jewelry

Friday, December 23, 2011

Corporate Christmas

Last night was my father's annual holiday office party! I actually completely forgot about it and had to pull together an outfit last minute (Ahhh!). I ended up pairing together two old articles of clothing and attempted to some magic happen. Thank god I cleaned out my closet recently because otherwise this shirt wouldn't have even been an option. Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday with their loved ones! I can't wait to see all the holiday outfits everyone posts.

  • F21 embellished skirt
  • F21 heart studs
  • Steve Madden heels
  • Lola button down

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cornell Charmer

Today we have a guest appearance from a recent Cornell graduate (congrats!). She was originally our photographer, but her outfit was so precious that we had to put her in front of the camera. Not only is she super smart, but she has the looks to go with it. With her her horse print cardigan and charming cowboy boots, she fits right in with the upstate New Yorkers.

  • F21 horse print cardigan
  • Thrifted leather belt
  • Fossil watch
  • Carlos Santana cowboy boots

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shukran, Habibi

Thank you new followers for your beautiful comments and support! We both appreciate it so much. Every comment, view, and follower literally makes our day more exciting. I guess it's just because we're new bloggers, but I don't think we'll ever get tired of it. New post tomorrow, stay tuned.
  •  Smashbox lipgloss (So amazing! Definitely stocking stuffer material.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buckle Down into Something Brown

Today I decided to experiment with a few different neutral shades of brown. My initial inspiration was my brown leather skirt, which I have so much fun incorporating into different outfits. I also chose to top off my look with a button down cape with a wide butterfly sleeve. I didn't do much with accessories. Instead I used a few pieces of jewelery that I wear religiously.  Enjoy!

  • Cape: Marshalls
  • Chiffon White Shirt: F21
  • Cable Knit Sweater: F21
  • Leather Skirt: F21
  • Suede Lace Up Wedge Shoe: Aldo
  • Cable Knit Socks: H&M
  • Bib Neckalace: WHBM
  • Watch: Micheal Kors

Monday, December 19, 2011

Torn Up

Today was a good day. A very good day. Last marking period I earned straight As (yay me!), and I was finally rewarded for it. The school provided me, along with other honors students, a free breakfast first period and a precious little apple pin, which I wore all day (with great pride). Although I didn't really care for the food, I greatly appreciated skipping my dreaded oral presentation first period. So thank you, high school, for pulling through for me when all hope seems to be lost. Anyway, it's getting cold outside so I decided to experiment with taking pictures inside. I could use some more practice. Any tips? 

  • American Eagle Shorts
  • INC sequin t-shirt
  • F21 moon rock necklace
  • Lush torn cardigan

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kristen Cavallari Look For Less

Kristen is wearing super high black booties and [BLANKNYC] denim jeans with a MinkPink leopard scarf, an oversized camel cardigan, and Dita aviators. For unemployed teens like ourselves, we have no choice but to smart about our purchases. While Kristen wore a nearly hundred dollar scarf, we completed our entire outfits for practically the same price! What do you (all 13 of you) think?

  • H&M Camel Sweater
  • F21 Cheetah Scarf
  • NY&Co Snakeskin leggings
  • Anne Klein mini booties 
  • H&M Tan Cardigan
  • Cache Cheetah Scarf
  • Nordstrom leather leggings
  • F21 lace-up wedges

      Thursday, December 15, 2011


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      Saturday, December 10, 2011

      Modified Military

      So today we went to the mall to buy more things we don't need (the usual) and to have a mini photo-shoot for our blog! We were embarrassed at first, considering there were so many people around giving us awkward glances, but that changed rapidly. In fact, we ended up having so much fun, and the only reason we stopped was because it was insanely freezing outside. Of course, we didn't have jackets, but it was well worth it. 

      -xoxo M&S
      • F21 Cargo Jeggings
      • F21 black blouse
      • F21 studded combat boots
      • Marshalls fur vest
      • jewelery is all from Lebanon.

      • H&M Olive Shorts
      • F21 Chiffon white shirt
      • F21 studded belt 
      • Francesca's necklace
      • London vest/cardigan 
      • Rachel Roy black boots

      Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming ...

       Hello everyone! Through this blog, we hope to simply express our personal styles and inspire others to dare to stand out and look different. Being only teenagers, we both understand the desire to always fit in with everyone else and swim with the strong current society seems to drown us in. Well, we're ready to swim against this harsh current and make a statement through our dress and style. 

      -XOXO M&S